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Prison Riot game has been finalized and handed in. It´s a 4 player “board game”. The board consists of 36 cards. 32 are regular cells and 4 of them are upgrade cells. Where players can exchange regular inmates to inmates with some special abilities. The goal is to take over the prison, occupy all the cells or kill the opponents main token, the kingpin. It can be played with various strategies and play styles and it can be a quick game or a 2-3 hour long.

Each player starts out with his kingpin and 4 regular inmates and has to fight to take over unoccupied cells which all have from 1-6 NPC (Non-player character) prisoners in them. In the beginning of each round, players get 1 prisoner for each cell they occupy. (each cell can max have 6). Each regular prisoner stands for i dice. So dice value of a cell is max 6. The kingpin is the dice value of 2. So the beginning cell has the max dice value of 6, the kingpin and 4 regular inmates. Now the aim is to take over as many as possible. Eventually upgrade to stronger prisoners and try to, if not kill the opposing kingpins, then at least disturb their plans by various means. Tokens have different ways of moving between cells, some can convert opponent forces to their own, some have high dice value, thus being strong attacker. Some can scout more than others and eventually use that ability to try to disturb the opponent by placing high dice value in cells on his path. Many different way of playing. We see people get attached to a certain type of upgraded prisoners, thus playing in a certain way. Others don´t bother upgrading at all and just push forward. Some play defensive and just slowly build up strong force while others jump all in aggressively and take huge changes. Risking to kill their kingpin or else converting large number of opposing forces in turn. Its been interesting to see how differently people play it.

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The board game Imprisoned being developed. Our group was in the process of developing  a digital, audio only game. But unfortunately we lost the main programmer as he was forced to quit the course. In the light of the circumstances, with time and resources we had, we got the green light on making a board game instead of a digital game. It has been a very interesting process. We are making a game that is set in a prison. And with (up to) 4 different factions fighting for dominance. With different kind of tokens, having different powers and movement it is fought with dice throwing, with the aim of either taking over all cells or wipe out other factions. The game can be pretty quick but it can also become a long battle with players almost being taken out of the game but having a comeback. We are now in the process of starting the playtesting and user testing with invited guests. And we are starting to look at making a board and tokens for the game. 

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For our final group assignment in Game Design the group shrunk from former game assignment, down to 4. We wanted to working on an audio-only game.

Kind of mixing elements from Deep Sea and Blindside.This involved a mask, a teddy bear acting as a controller. A 3d environment and a lot of sound work.

Unfortunately we lost one group member that was important for the completion (the only programmer). So now we are down to 3. That meant we had  to regroup and work out another strategy. As we are getting close to deadline we were allowed to do a none-digital game. We have been exploring several ideas, social games, role play and board games. Here are some pics from our meetings.

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Play testing the digital game “Save The World” with the sauce controller.

Controller made with Makey Makey.

See details about the game in last post.

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Starting at the ITU. August 2012.

First group design challenge was making a game in a week. It could be an analog or digital game with certain limitations and mechanics, such as what graphical symbols were allowed. We wanted to make a game involving MakeyMakey. We did a digital game about the fast food culture. We call it Save The World and the player is a burger flipper, collecting burgers. The screen is split in 5 lanes. One lane in the middle that displays time and burgers collected (points) and 4 action lanes where actions are happening. There are 4 different ingredients and they have to be collected in the right order to make a burger and the goal is to make as many burgers as you can. If you do manage to make enough burgers you get a surprise. You find out that you have been working for the enemy. The burger turn out to be evil alien burgers that are taking over the world and now you need to kill the burgers. If a burger manages to reach the ground you lost and the world is colonized by the evil burgers.

To control this we made the Sauce controller. It consists of 4 cans, each one connected to an action lane.  The can have different, typical fast food sauces. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and remoulade. The players has to dip their finger inside the correct sauce at the right time to be able to collect a burger ingredient, or to kill an alien burger.

The group was:  Marlon Lettow (game design), Erkki (game design), Dea Gro Harborg Koch (graphic design and game design), Runar Magnusson (game design, sound design and the controller), Jakob Rønne Rischel (programming and game design),Theis Kamper (graphics and game design), Claus Byrgersen (all around)

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